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Do you feel that if you do your best to live safely, you should be rewarded?
We help you to get a clear view on safety in and around your home, and help you to improve. And we provide insurance that reflects your situation.

The safer you live, the lower the premium you pay.
 Only fair, right?


You choose the Protection
that fits your Lifestyle

Taking your safety to the next level 

We help you to understand your current safety level and support you with recommendations. 
Based on your personal circumstances and the safety devices you already have, you calculate your own Safety Score.

It’s really easy!

Get your personal Safety Score quickly and learn how to better protect your family.




Open the App
Tell us
your situation
Get your Safety Score
and Recommendations

All your Safety in One App

Protect your home
Reduce risks
Increase safety for your loved ones
Get more value for your money
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Why Connect2Protect?

Actionable insights in safety

Your Safety Score gives you more insight in actual risk.

Recommendations help you to make the right choices to fix it.

No investment needed

Easy app to protect yourself, your loved ones and your assets.

Start without investment, use available smart and dumb devices.

More safety, more peace of mind

Make smarter choices.

We'd love to help you to prevent or limit the impact of an annoying event.


Our vision on safety and insurance 

Insurers don't know about how safe you and your loved ones live. They base their premiums on general information about your neighbourhood and your home. But does that provide a complete picture? No, of course not! Because it matters a lot whether you have an alarm system, a fire extinguisher or take other measures that contribute to your safety.


With Connect2Protect, we do things differently. We combine safety and insurance in a completely new way. And that has many advantages for you. We help you assess your safety at home. We provide you with tips & reminders. And we offer you insurance that takes into account how you manage safety & risks.

So if you suspect that your home safety investments are not valued by your current insurer, we are happy to offer you an alternative that will reward you for your efforts! Our team of experts in risk, prevention, smart home technology, insurance and claims management is at your service!

You want to know more about our vision on safety?
 Check out our video -> Connect2Protect in 2 minutes

About Us

A new way to handle safety & risks

The purpose of Connect2Protect is to make lives safer and simpler: lower risks at lower costs, more peace of mind through more safety. Together with you, we want to work towards a better balance between prevention and insurance.


Connect2Protect is part of InConnect, a start-up offering smart solutions for safer living, with a longstanding track record in providing ground-breaking, innovative solutions in and around insurance.

Want to know more? 
Check out our corporate website InConnect


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