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Insurance is important but it does not protect you,
your loved ones or your key assets against danger.
​We can do better.

We help you to easily understand
your personal safety level
and how to improve it.

Do something. Protect yourself.

Choose the Protection
that fits your Lifestyle

Taking your safety to the next level 

We help you to understand your current safety level and support you with recommendations. 
Based on your personal circumstances and the safety devices you already have,
our state of the art algorithms calculate your Safety Score.

It’s easy!

Get your personal Safety Score in less than 1 minute and learn the best way to protect your family




Open the App
   (available at request)
Tell us
your situation
Get your Safety Score
and Recommendations

All your Safety in One App

Protection of your home
Prevention of risks
Safety for your loved ones
More safety, more value for money

Why Connect2Protect?

Actionable insights in safety

Your Safety Score gives you more insight in actual risk.

Recommendations help you to make the right choices to improve.

No investment needed

Easy app to protect yourself, your loved ones and your assets.

Start without investment, use available smart and dumb devices.

More safety, more peace of mind

Make smarter choices.

We help you to prevent or limit the impact of an incident.


Our roadmap towards a safer world

Prevention is no longer a marketing gimmick. Using technology in a smart way, we help our users to increase their safety and reduce the chance and impact of perils. 


The Connect2Protect solution is our first step towards a new value chain that combines current fragmented experiences into one singular, streamlined, customer focused solution. And while Connected Insurance has been around as a concept for a decade, we are building a full-scale viable business model around Safety, Prevention and Insurance.



Interested in learning what we do differently or how we can work together? 

We will be happy to talk to you. info@connect2protect.io


Do visit our corporate website as well.


About Us

Dedicated to Safety

Connect2Protect offers intelligent and customized protection solutions to customers for modern connected lifestyles. We are an international team of experienced innovators in the area of Safety and Insurance.

Our purpose is to make people’s lives safer and simpler :
lower risks at lower costs and more peace of mind through more safety.


Connect2Protect is part of InConnect, an European based start-up offering smart solutions for safer living, with a proven track record providing innovative solutions. We aim to close the protection gap left by traditional insurance using technology in a smart way.


We provide Smart Protection for Safer Living for you and your loved ones.

Want to know more about us ? 
Meet our corporate website InConnect



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